6.20.2. Incomplete Policy

The grade of “I” (Incomplete) may be assigned at the end of a semester when conditions beyond the control of the student preclude completing course work on time. In such cases the student must have demonstrated passing efforts on completed course work and must be able to complete the unfinished work without further class attendance.

The grade of “I” can only be assigned if the instructor of record and/or the student file a contract with the registrar prior to the due date for grades in a given session. Students generally initiate the process by asking the faculty member to agree to the terms of the Incomplete. The faculty member will then need to fill out a contract form (provided by the registrar) indicating the reasons for the Incomplete. The contract must certify that the work the student has completed averages out to a passing grade and must also certify that the student can complete the missing work without further class attendance. The contract must also specify the nature of all work which is currently missing and must also indicate what grade the student has earned in the class if no further work is ever submitted. Finally, the contract may indicate a due date for all remaining missing work; that date cannot exceed the midpoint of the next regular (meaning fall or spring, but not summer) semester. If no date is specified in the contract, the due date for all missing work will automatically be the midpoint of the next regular semester. The enrollment services office will notify the student when the contract is completed.

Students must complete all required work by the due date; otherwise, the current grade indicated on the contract will be recorded. The grade “I” has no effect on the GPA, and no credit is awarded. Degrees cannot be conferred if there are outstanding Incomplete grades on a student’s record.

The grade “I” may not be assigned in any course for a student who is currently on academic probation (see Sec. The registrar should not accept Incomplete contracts for students currently on academic probation. Instead, the instructor should be advised to simply assign whatever grade is appropriate in light of the missing course work. If a student on academic probation is inadvertently assigned the grade of “I,” the registrar will automatically convert that grade to an “F” for purposes of being able to evaluate the academic standing of the student