Advanced Placement (AP) Program

The University encourages students who have completed AP exams to submit their scores for evaluation prior to enrollment. Students are responsible for designating their official AP scores be reported to Oglethorpe University. The following general guidelines are used when applying credit for AP exams:

  • Only test scores of 4 or 5 are recognized for credit; no credit will be given for AP scores of 1, 2, or 3.
  • The maximum credit allowed to any student based on AP scores is 32 credit hours.
  • Students must get approval from their individual academic advisors to have elective credit earned via AP apply toward meeting any program specific requirements.
  • Exam NameOU Credit HoursCourse Equivalents
    Art History4Elective credit in art (history)
    Studio Art (2-D, 3-D, or Drawing)4Elective credit in art (studio)
    Music Theory4Elective credit in music
    English Language and Composition4Elective credit
    English Literature and Composition4Elective credit
    History and Social Sciences
    Comparative Government and Politics4Elective credit in politics
    European History4Elective credit in history
    Human Geography4Elective credit
    Macroeconomics4ECO 122 Principles of Macroeconomics
    Microeconomics4ECO 120 Principles of Microeconomics
    Psychology4PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
    United States Government and Politics4POL 101 Introduction to American Politics
    United States History4Elective credit in history
    World History4Elective credit in history
    Math and Computer Science
    Calculus AB4MAT 131 Calculus I
    Calculus BC4MAT 132 Calculus II
    Computer Science A4CSC 201 Introduction to Programming
    Computer Science Principles4Elective credit
    Statistics4MAT 111 Statistics
    Biology5GEN 102 Natural Science: Biological Science
    Chemistry5CHM 101 General Chemistry InCHM 101L General Chemistry Lab
    Environmental Science4Elective credit
    Physics 15PHY 101 General Physics InPHY 101L Intro Physics Lab I
    Physics 24GEN 101 Natural Science: Physical Science
    Physics B5PHY 101 General Physics InPHY 101L Intro to Physics Lab I
    Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism6PHY 202 College Physics IInPHY 102L Intro Physics Lab II
    Physics C: Mechanics6PHY 201 College Physics InPHY 101L Intro Physics Lab I
    World Languages and Cultures
    Chinese Language and Culture4CHI 101 Elementary Chinese I
    French Language and Culture4FRE 101 Elementary French I*
    German Language and Culture4GER 101 Elementary German I*
    Italian Language and Culture4Elective credit
    Japanese Language and Culture4JPN 101 Elementart Japanese I*
    Latin4Elective credit
    Spanish Language and Cultire4SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I*

    *While every student will automatically receive 101 credit if they earn a score of 4 or higher on these World Language and Cultures AP Exams, these students will also have the possibility of receiving four additional credits in 102 of the same language if their placement exam score qualifies them to enter 201 or beyond. If a student who receives a score of 4 or higher on one of these exams places into 101 or 102 (or does not take the approved placement exam), they will still receive credit for 101 only. Regardless of placement score, the maximum credit granted based on the AP exam score and placement for a student will be eight (8) credits for 101 and 102 in the appropriate language.