10.1. A_LAB (Atlanta Laboratory for Learning): Overview

The A_LAB bridges classroom theory and real-world experience through travel, internships, career development, study abroad, and civic engagement.

The A_LAB includes the departments of civic engagement, global education, career development, and academic success, including the Compass program (see Sec. 6.7.1. and Sec. 10.17.).

A_LAB staff members, in close coordination with faculty and academic advisors, match students to experiences that enhance and support classroom learning.

Through the A_LAB, students will:

  • Gain new perspectives on the human experience through service in the Atlanta community and beyond.
  • Challenge their world view and experience learning through cross-cultural moments while
    studying in a foreign country.
  • Venture into the world of work and learn valuable lessons interning for some of the most noted brand names in the world, all while building their résumés and professional brands.
  • Collaborate across disciplines with students and faculty to redefine and think of solutions to the world’s greatest problems and then put their thoughts into action.

As they progress, students will develop the ability to synthesize, create and invent, while also learning to tell the story of their growth and experience to future employers and graduate schools.