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10.12. Endowed Funds which Support the University’s Curriculum, Faculty, Students and Mission

  • The Carlisle Arts Enrichment Fund: Funding was established by a gift from Mr. R. Andy Milford, class of 1999, in memory of Dr. Ronald Carlisle. The purpose of the fund is to provide annual budgetary assistance to the arts at Oglethorpe University.
  • The Nathan and Ernestine Pitman Cooper Endowment to the Oglethorpe University Music Department: This fund was established in 2009 by a gift from Oglethorpe University Trustee David Nathan Cooper and is named in honor of Mr. Cooper’s parents.
  • The Herman Daughtry Fund: This fund was established in 1980 by a gift from the Daughtry Foundation. It provides support for professional travel and scholarship by the president and for special projects relating to the office of the president.
  • The Grenwald Faculty Salary Endowment: This fund was established in 1991 by a bequest from Edward S. Grenwald. Mr. Grenwald was a law professor before coming to Atlanta to engage in the private practice of law. He served as a member of the Oglethorpe University Board of Visitors and of the Board of Trustees. The fund is part of the University’s permanent endowment and, at Mr. Grenwald’s request, is used primarily for the enhancement of faculty salaries. (Back to ToC)
  • The Lu Thomasson Garrett Annual Award for Meritorious Teaching: This prize was created in 1994 through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. David (Lu La Thomasson) Garrett. The late Mrs. Garrett was a 1952 graduate, an Oglethorpe honorary degree recipient and member emeritus of the Board of Trustees. The prize is awarded annually to an outstanding faculty member selected by a committee of his or her peers.
  • The Gisela Halle Endowment Fund: Established in 2003 by gifts from Mr. Claus Halle and his estate, this fund provides funding for students to study abroad in Germany, the faculty exchange program with Dortmund University, and other German initiatives.
  • Bill and Diane Hammack Fund: Established in 2018 by Bill ’73 and Diane Hammack, this fund provides support for new program development in the Q. William Hammack School of Business and for scholarships for business students.
  • Betsy G. Hansen Scholarship Fund: Established in 2018 in his estate by longtime Trustee, Harald Hansen H ‘08, in memory of his wife, Betsy, this fund provides scholarships to women to study in the Civic Engagement Program.
  • The Eugene W. Ivy Endowment Fund: Established by planned gifts from Mr. Ivy, a 1949 graduate of Oglethorpe, the fund provides unrestricted income to the University.
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities Core Curriculum Endowment: In 1996, Oglethorpe University was awarded a challenge grant in the amount of $300,000, which enabled the University to raise a total of $1.1 million for an endowment to support the Core curriculum and library purchases for the Core.
  • The Oglethorpe Women’s Network/Hansen Women’s Studies Program Endowment: Funding was provided by Betsy Gamble Hansen, who was founder of the Oglethorpe Women’s Network, and her husband, Harald Hansen, a member of the Oglethorpe University Board of Trustees. The endowment provides funding for the Oglethorpe Women’s Network (OWN) and the Women’s Studies Program.
  • The Pattillo Faculty Lounge Endowment Fund: Created in 2000 by the Pattillo Family Foundation in honor of Manning M. Pattillo, Jr., the 13th president of Oglethorpe, this fund provides a permanent source of funds to maintain and improve the faculty lounge on the third floor of Hearst Hall.
  • The Garland Pinholster Fund for Academic and Athletic Excellence: This fund was established in 1995 by friends and admirers in honor of Mr. Pinholster, who served as athletic director and head basketball coach from 1956 to 1966. Mr. Pinholster received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Oglethorpe in 2004. The fund provides incremental funding beyond the athletic department’s normal budget.
  • The Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program Endowment: Established in 1996 by the Rich Foundation, this endowment provides funding for the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program, a minor program that challenges its participants to pursue their leadership potential while utilizing the city of Atlanta as a living laboratory.
  • The Shelley and Donald Rubin Endowment for the Arts: Funding was established in 2013 by Donald Rubin, an alumnus from the class of 1956, and his wife Shelley. This endowment provides funding for the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, an arts-related curricular program, and other arts-related projects at the University.
  • The William O. Shropshire Endowed Fund: This endowed fund was established in 2008 through the generosity of Cemal Özgörkey, class of 1984, and Armagan Özgörkey, class of 1985, in honor of Dr. Shropshire, Professor Emeritus of Economics. (Back to ToC)
  • The Anne Rivers Siddons Award: This fund was endowed by Anne Rivers Siddons, the celebrated novelist, former member of the Board of Trustees, Oglethorpe honorary degree recipient and daughter of L. Marvin Rivers, a 1928 graduate. The prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior majoring in English who has submitted the best work of short fiction.
  • The Philip Weltner Endowment: This fund was created in 1981 by memorials to Dr. Philip Weltner, the sixth president of Oglethorpe. Earnings from the fund support instruction in “human understanding, citizenship and community service,” three of the pillars of the Oglethorpe curriculum during the Weltner years, 1944 to 1953.