10.16. Petrel Points Co-Curricular Requirement

The Petrel Points co-curricular requirement gives all entering first-time TU freshmen two regular (fall and spring) semesters to accumulate at least 12 Petrel Points (PPs). Petrel Points are acquired when a student attends an event (usually held outside-of-class) which has been pre-approved as a Petrel Point event. Such events are chosen for their potential to augment, reinforce or expand upon things going on in the classroom, although drawing such connections is the purview of instructors and students.  The events usually cover the following broad categories:

  • Arts, Education and Ideas (AEI)
  • Civic Engagement (CE)
  • Campus Leadership and Citizenship (CLC)

Petrel Points are managed on the Oglethorpe website at http://sel.oglethorpe.edu/petrel-points/. It is here that faculty, staff and students can fill out an online application to request Petrel Points be awarded for participation in an upcoming event

Successful completion of the Petrel Point co-curricular program is a graduation requirement for those TU students who enter Oglethorpe as first-time freshmen.