10.21. Philip Weltner Library

The Philip Weltner Library is vital to the scholarly environment of Oglethorpe.  Representing a destination and a body of resources, the library supports the mission of the University through its varied collections and programs. Providing a scholarly atmosphere for the pursuit of academic excellence, the library is designed to encourage collaborative learning and individual study.

The mission of the library is to enhance, strengthen and champion academic research within the Oglethorpe University community. By imparting lifelong learning skills, providing authenticated knowledge resources and engaging users, the library prepares stakeholders to manage the resource base of a 21st century global environment.

The library pursues the following tasks to accomplish its mission:

  • Collects an appropriate selection from the Universe of available material.
  • Organizes, describes, and houses the collection for effective access and preservation.
  • Provides prompt and equitable access to the collection.
  • By using appropriate technology, provides suitable instruction and assistance in the use of the library to deliver resources and promote lifelong learning.
  • Provides reasonable access through formal arrangements or agreements to additional resources.

The collection houses resources in a variety of types and formats including books, electronic resources, DVDs, audio and video, and microforms.  Purchase of resources is heavily influenced by faculty involvement and requirements of the Core curriculum, including the ability to transmit evidentiary values of a scholastic nature.  A balance is maintained between print and electronic resources as both are necessary to the development of critical thinking and writing skills emphasized by the University’s corpus of education. Specialized materials are contained in the following areas:  special collections, archives, Oglethorpe authors, CORE Book collection, and image database. A separate reference section includes a variety of encyclopedias, dictionaries (both special and general), almanacs, directories, maps and atlases. Reference sources are also available in electronic format.

GALILEO is an online library portal to authoritative, subscription-only information that isn’t available through free search engines or Web directories. Participating institutions may access over 100 databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals. Over 10,000 journal titles are provided in full-text. Other resources include encyclopedias, business directories, and government publications.

In addition to GALILEO, the library subscribes to a number of scholarly, discipline specific databases including Web of Science and JSTOR. Consortia memberships in AMPALS, GPALS, and ARCHE (see Sec. 10.10.) provide Oglethorpe with access to members’ libraries and their services including interlibrary loan and interlibrary use privileges. The library also subscribes to thousands of eBooks, an emerging medium of diverse application.  Online resources are available 24/7 via the library homepage and off-campus through password protected login.  Resources and their access are available through technology linked applications, staff initiatives, access and reference services.

Access services include circulation, interlibrary loan, and print and electronic reserves.  The library uses Voyager for its online library catalogue.  Students may check out most materials in Voyager for one semester.  Voyager accessible materials are renewable online.   Professors create reserves for their classes in both online and print format. Students access appropriately licensed online materials through MOODLE, the campus learning management system.  The library team works with a high tech desktop delivery system to provide students with interlibrary loan articles. In addition, books from participating consortia member libraries may be borrowed. These books are usually delivered within 3 to 5 days of a request.  Students may also check out Chromebooks and laptops from circulation.  Library resources are a shared collection and prompt return of materials, especially reserve items, is an expectation of both the honor code and the code of student conduct.  Defacing, or otherwise rendering inaccessible, library resources is also a violation of both the honor code and the code of student conduct. Proper and current campus identification must be presented at the time of check out. Reference services provides students instruction on how to use library resources and services.

A team reference configuration ensures that students receive expert help from all library staff members by intersecting the dynamics of promoting and utilizing resources. Library staff are available on demand or by appointment. ASK A LIBRARIAN provides e-mail contact with professional staff. Reference librarians are the primary agents of the information literacy program.

An incremental based information literacy program ensures that students gain proficiency in using a variety of resources and formats applicable to their classes as they progress through academic levels. This acquired skill set is a lifelong learning tool and adheres to information literacy standards created by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL).  The information literacy program provides outreach and instruction sessions for freshmen orientation sessions, and customized online searching for all students and faculty.

The library provides a destination for scholarly study, collaborative work, group testing needs, and a variety of campus programs.  Forty-two computers, thirty-one study tables, sixty-seven study carrels, nine study rooms, three lounge areas and a 24-hour room provide the users with a variety of environments.  The Earl Dolive Theater, a multiple media screening and meeting room, offers the campus a venue for viewing DVDs, laser disc, and computer based resources.  In addition, a high-tech viewing room provides students with a place to screen media based assignments.

The library is also a venue for many campus based, traditional events including film festivals, orientations, scholarship competitions, and alumni and admissions programs.

Up to date information is provided on the library webpage for the following:  interlibrary loan, check out, reserves, copyright, hours, and staffing.  Please visit http://library.oglethorpe.edu/