Attention: Please refer to the PDF version of the Bulletin for most accurate information and definitions.

10.6.3. Application and Approval for Study Abroad

Students should first obtain the Oglethorpe study abroad application packet from the global education website and review the instructions in the packet and on the website. To be approved for studying abroad for a semester or full academic year, students must submit both a study abroad application and a study abroad authorization form to the global education office by the appropriate deadline:

  • October 1 for spring semester programs longer than two weeks.
  • March 1 for summer and fall semester programs longer than two weeks.

Approved students will be notified two weeks after the deadline and must then complete the rest of the forms:

  • Application Part 2 by November/April 1, and
  • Study abroad course approval form by December/May 1.

Students must complete these forms prior to departure for their study abroad term to be eligible to receive transfer credits from any institution abroad. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure (prior to his or her departure from the host institution abroad) that an official transcript is sent to the associate director for the A_LAB, global education, to receive their transfer credits. Host programs have separate policies, applications, and deadlines that students will also have to follow. Students should read host websites and applications carefully.