Attention: Please refer to the PDF version of the Bulletin for most accurate information and definitions.

10.6.7. Study Aboard via Non-Partner Universities and Third-Party Providers

Oglethorpe students may study abroad at a recognized, accredited university, through a program sponsored by an American college or university which awards credit from the home institution, or through Oglethorpe-approved provider programs. Numerous opportunities exist for any qualified student to study at non-partnership programs of the student’s choice throughout the world, in science, economics, social sciences, languages, art, communications, the liberal arts, and business. The associate director for the A_LAB, global education will help advise and direct each student in selecting the appropriate university abroad.

Oglethorpe University institutional aid and Hope match money cannot be applied to student expenses at non-partner universities and programs. The associate director for the A_LAB, global education, and the director of financial aid will help the student explore financial aid and other resources that may be available, but Oglethorpe University does not collect, nor become involved in collecting, any monies for the host university. Financial transactions for studying at a non-partner college or university are solely between the student and the host institution.

Courses students take at non-partnership institutions approved by the associate director for the A_LAB, global education, are treated as courses taken in residence at Oglethorpe University for purposes of the residency requirement (see Sec. 8.3.).