Attention: Please refer to the PDF version of the Bulletin for most accurate information and definitions.

10.9.3. “H” Designation

The “H” Designation is a means by which a student may apply to take Core courses and major courses at an Honors level. A student may apply to take a course for “H” credit if the student and faculty member teaching the course agree on work to be completed to change a “regular” course into an “Honors” course, and if the course is approved during the pre-registration period by both the Honors Committee and the professor of the course. Generally, additional work required for “H” credit will allow a student to demonstrate a reasonably high degree of achievement in independent research, creative and/or analytical/critical thinking, or successful integration of theory into practice. One or any combination of these elements, successfully demonstrated in work not required of the regular class members, will qualify as a means to “honorize” course content. Submit the electronic “Honors Credit Conversion Form” provided for this purpose on the Honors Program website.

A course may not be converted to an “H” designation after the third week of the semester. An Honors conversion does not count toward the grade for the course, but a student must earn at least a “B” in the regular course to have the Honors designation put on their transcript. For more information and application guidelines, see