12.3.10. Informal Mediation

Any person interested in pursuing mediation for resolving a sexual or gender-based harassment case should contact the Title IX coordinator, who can arrange for mediation to occur, if all parties agree to mediation. The Title IX coordinator will inform the respondent in writing of the complaint and require a written response to the complaint. The Title IX coordinator will choose one trained mediator from among the faculty and staff members. Mediation normally will begin within one week of the respondent’s receipt of the complaint. The goal of mediation is an agreement between the two parties resolving the matter between them. That agreement may include a specific action or action(s) to be taken or refrained from on the part of the respondent. At the conclusion of a successful mediation process, both the complainant and the respondent will sign a statement that they are satisfied with the outcome and regard the matter as resolved between them. If the complainant believes the mediation process was unsuccessful, the complainant may choose to bring a complaint through the University’s discipline process.