12.3.5. Reporting Cases of Suspected Sexual Misconduct

Cases of sexual misconduct involving students, faculty, staff, or other third parties should be reported immediately to the University, police, or both.  To file a complaint and initiate the University’s discipline process for an alleged violation of this policy, contact any of the people listed below.  They will explain the complaint procedures and discipline process, as well as coordinate the University’s response with the hearing coordinator.

  • Title IX Coordinator: Regina Mincberg (404-364-8479)
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Sandy Butler (404) 364-8325
  • Dean of Students: Michelle Hall (404-364-8336)
  • Assistant Dean of Students or a member of the residence life staff (404-364-8520)
  • Campus safety (404-504-1188)
  • The Director of Counseling (404- 364-8456)
  • After business hours, the residence life staff member on call or Campus Safety Director may be contacted by calling campus safety (404-504-1998).

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.  The University strongly encourages students to report all crimes to the Brookhaven Police Department.  Filing a police report will provide legal documentation in the event of a future offense by the same person, or if the decision is made to prosecute in the future.  Filing a police report is distinct from making a complaint through the University’s discipline process. The University provides all students with resources and procedures located on the Oglethorpe website that contains information about policy, next steps, and resources.

Prevention of sexual misconduct requires commitment from all members of the community. The county and city provide resources for victims of sexual assault and misconduct via the 911 emergency system and Day League, 24-hour hotline: (404) 377-1428.