12.3.6. Interim Measures

The Title IX Coordinator will respond to a report or complaint with prompt and equitable action that can include supportive measures or interim measures and steps to minimize the burden on the victim. These measures are non-disciplinary and non-punitive measures offered at the discretion of the Title IX Coordinator where appropriate, and as reasonably available, to protect the safety of all parties and deter sexual harassment. Supportive measures are available to both parties to preserve each individual’s access to education.

Examples of interim or supportive measures include a “no contact” order, changes in class schedule, changes in residence hall assignments, or counseling. These measures will last throughout the grievance process and but may also be extended or made permanent by determination of a Hearing Panel or based on the terms of an Informal Resolution. Interim or supportive measures may also be provided independent of formal complaint and last for a time period as determined by the Title IX Coordinator.