5.6.2. Civic Engagement Scholarships

Civic Engagement Scholarships cover tuition unpaid by state scholarships and grants for a maximum of eight regular (fall and spring) semesters of undergraduate study in the TU program. Candidates must demonstrate a deep commitment to service and leadership in their community and the promise of continued exemplary service while a student at Oglethorpe. Applicants are selected during the annual Scholarship Weekend competition for rising first-time, full-time freshmen held on campus in the winter each year. Eligible candidates must earn a minimum cumulative grade-point average in a competitive high school curriculum and complete an interview detailing their history of service. This scholarship is renewable for a maximum of eight regular (fall and spring) semesters provided the recipient maintains a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.2 and completes a minimum of 12 semester hours each fall and spring semester; recipients must also successfully complete a 30-hour per semester volunteer placement. Recipients of a Civic Engagement Scholarship are required to live on campus (excluding Gables Brookhaven) while enrolled at Oglethorpe. For application procedures, deadlines and requirements, contact the office of admission.