9.16. Environmental Studies

Programs offered:
Minor in Environmental Studies (TU)

Healthy people and societies require healthy environments. Yet, the population growth, economic growth, and urbanization found within many modern societies often leads to environmental degradation, such as reduced water quality and biodiversity. The underlying, causal mechanisms are often complex and require multidisciplinary and scientific training to understand and manage. This program provides that training—including careful consideration of several case studies from, and locations in, the growing Atlanta metropolitan region—so that we might make our societies more sustainable. Students completing the minor will be well prepared for careers in the environmental nonprofit sector, environmental law, natural resource management, public policy, environmental consulting, and the like.

Environmental Studies Minor Application

Minor in Environmental Studies:

  1. Completion of all of the following courses:
    BIO 320 Urban Ecology
    ENV 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies
    ENV 401 Seminar in Environmental Studies
    ENV 495 Internship in Environmental Studies (3-4 hours)
  2. Completion of one of the following courses worth 4 or more hours:
    BIO 111 Biostatistics
    BIO 280 Conservation Biology in Hawaii
    BIO 380 Conservation Biology
    BIO 423 Ecology
    ECO 120 Principles of Microeconomics
    ECO 325 Environmental Economics
    ENV 290 Special Topics in Environmental Studies
    HIS 290 Special Topics in History: Environmental History
    PBH 201 Public Health Perspectives
    PBH 301 Public Health Workshop
    POL 231 Asian Politics
    ULP 303 The New American City
  3. Additional requirements and things to note:
    1. To declare a minor in Environmental Studies, students must submit an application to the director of the environmental studies program. The application is due by close of business on the last Wednesday before the student is first able to register for his/her second sophomore semester.
    2. A grade of “C-“or higher is required in all courses contributing to the minor.A grade of “C-“or higher is required in all courses contributing to the minor.