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9.2. African American Studies

Programs offered:
Minor in African American Studies (TU)

The African American Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that examines African American history, politics, and culture in the continental United States and the African diaspora. The program provides students with opportunities to explore the collective histories, experiences, contributions and social class of African Americans in the United States and abroad. The minor’s interdisciplinary perspective encourages students to make connections and think critically and creatively across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The African American Studies minor is designed to allow students a considerable degree of freedom in their choice of electives, disciplinary focus and research projects.

A minor in African American Studies consists of successful completion of four courses from at least three different disciplines totaling 16 semester hours.

Minor in African American Studies (TU):

  1. Completion of the following required course:
    AAS 100 Introduction to African American Studies
  2. Completion of no fewer than two (2) courses from the following list of foundational courses:
    CRS 430 Race & Representation in the Media
    ENG 240/340 Freedom Seekers & Narrative
    HIS 234 To Tell a Free Story: African American History to 1900
    POL 304 African American Politics
    Special topics courses pre-approved by the African American Studies program coordinator
  3. Completion of up to one (1) course from the following list of elective courses:
    ART 340 The Art of the Americas, Africa and Oceania
    ENG 240 TV and Reading
    ENG 240 The Lady Rebel
    ENG 340 Woolf and Morrison
    HIS 330 The United States between World Wars
    HIS 331 The Age of Affluence: The United States Since 1945
    HIS 236 U.S. History through Film
    POL 101 Introduction to American Politics
    SOC 306 Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
    SPN 406 French and Spanish Crossroads in the Caribbean and Africa
    SPN 490 Advanced Special Topics in Hispanic Languages, Literatures and Culture
    ULP 303 New American CitySpecial topics courses pre-approved by the African American Studies program coordinator.
  4. Additional requirements and things to note:
    No more than one course counted towards meeting requirements of the African American Studies minor can be counted toward satisfaction of requirements in any other program.