9.26. Music

Programs offered:
Minor in Music (TU)

The minor in Music seeks to prepare students with a mastery of the initial and most essential fundamentals of the discipline of Music within a liberal arts context. It seeks to establish a foundation for life-long development and application of the primary components of music. It is not designed to provide “pre-professional” preparation for a career as a musician, but rather to generate insight that allows one to incorporate musical aesthetics and understanding into one’s life. It simultaneously teaches students how to continue their musical pursuits beyond college. The minor provides an appropriate combination for certain majors and music-connected careers such as music librarian; music business (with either business or communications); musical theatre (with theatre); music therapy; song writing/lyrics (with English and comparative literature and/or creative writing), and of course it may also generate sufficient preparation for one to function as an avocational or part-time musician.

Students in the Music minor program seek:

  • To acquire a basic understanding of how music is structurally composed, as well as how to analyze music for performance preparation.
  • To acquire a basic understanding of how music fits into the context of Western history and culture and how this informs performance and related applications.
  • To acquire a basic understanding of how to apply musicianship in the creation of a musical performance.

Minor in Music (TU)

  1. Completion of the following courses:
    MUS 131 Music Theory I
    MUS 132 Music Theory II
    MUS 133 Music History I
    MUS 134 Music History II
  2. Completion of all of the following applied studies courses:
    1. A total of 4 semester hours of MUS 136 Applied Instruction in Music.
    2. A total of 4 semester hours (to be completed in consecutive semesters unless an exception is approved by the director of music or the provost) of either MUS 134 University Singers, MUS 144 Oglethorpe Concert Winds or MUS 154 Jazz Ensemble.