5.4. Payment Options

Oglethorpe University accepts cash, check, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and wire transfers. Students can also pay their accounts online via OASIS. A convenience fee is required for all payments by credit/debit card.

Oglethorpe also offers a payment plan option. Payment plans enable students to divide their account balances into regular installments throughout a term. All students are pre-approved to participate in a payment plan during the term in which they are enrolled. Payment plans expire at the end of each term and are subject to a payment plan enrollment fee (see Sec. 5.1.3.). Plans are also subject to late fees and returned payment fees. Payment schedules must be approved by the University.

If a check made in payment for student tuition and fees is not valid upon presentation to Oglethorpe’s banking institution, a hold is placed on the student’s account, and a returned check fee is added to the student’s account. Oglethorpe University reserves the right to place a student on “cash only” status for issuing a check that is not honored upon presentation to the bank.