5.17. Financial and Financial Aid Consequences of Being Subject to a Non-Academic Withdrawal from the University

Non-academic withdrawal is explained in Sec. 6.24.3. From the financial and financial aid perspectives, (involuntary) non-academic withdrawal from the University is handled exactly the same as is (voluntary) withdrawal from the University (see Sec. 5.16.), except that the “official withdrawal date” (OWD) is the date that the dean of students notified the student that he/she/they is to be non-academically withdrawn. If the student appeals the dean of students’ decision, the days which elapse during the implementation of the appeal process are not counted for purposes of refunds associated with tuition and federal, state and/or institutional financial aid. However, such “appeal days” would count as days in residence for purposes of determining a potential refund of room and board charges, if applicable.