3.7. Parking, Driving and Vehicle Registration Policies and Regulations

These regulations are intended to make the parking facilities of the University available to its members, to promote pedestrian and vehicular safety and to ensure access at all times for emergency vehicles.

Traffic and Parking Regulations

  • All vehicle operators are subject to University parking and traffic regulations while on University property and are responsible for knowledge of these regulations.
  • Traffic regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, year-round.
  • The director of campus safety and dean of students have the authority to enforce or suspend the traffic and parking regulations at any time.
  • State of Georgia statutes are in effect, and reference to Georgia Code, Chapters 40-6-221 through 225 will apply for spaces designated for generally disabled person parking.
  • Pedestrians will be given the right-of-way at all times.
  • The maximum speed limit on campus is 15 mph.
  • All traffic signs and parking spaces (including painted curbs, spaces and hatchings) must be obeyed. It is not possible to mark with signs or yellow paint all areas of University property where parking is prohibited. However, parking is prohibited in driveways, in spaces designated for disabled persons and on pedestrian paths, crosswalks, sidewalks, grassy areas, construction areas, fire lanes, service areas or any place where parking or driving would create a safety hazard, obstruct traffic or interfere with the use of University facilities.
  • The person registering the vehicle is responsible for all parking violations by that vehicle. If the vehicle is loaned to another person, proper observance of these regulations shall remain the responsibility of the registrant, except in the case of a moving violation for which the driver is responsible.
  • Vehicles already in the traffic circle have the right-of-way.
  • All drivers must follow the immediate direction of campus safety and police personnel.
  • All traffic devices including but not limited to signs, traffic cones and barricades must not be removed and all traffic direction they are designed to enforce must be obeyed.
  • Reckless driving, loud music or noise audible more than 20 feet from any vehicle, riding outside the passenger compartment of any vehicle, failure to yield to traffic in the traffic circle and failure to register a vehicle are violations of the University parking and traffic regulations. Music sound level from vehicles on campus should be maintained at 54 dB while in academic areas of campus.
  • Inoperable/Disabled vehicles must be reported immediately to Campus Safety 404-504-1998 and removed within 48 hours of notification. If the permit holder for that vehicle has delayed notification until after the receipt of a parking citation, they will be held responsible for the payment of that parking citation.
  • Inoperable/Disabled vehicles left standing in driveways, driving lanes, tow lanes, fire lanes, blocking vehicles or any other No Parking areas are subject to being towed and fined.
  • Any vehicle which has been issued a parking citation and remains in the same location for 24 hours, will be issued another parking citation.
  • Any vehicle that has been parked illegally for three consecutive days, or which is parked legally but determined to be derelict, is subject to being towed and fined.
  • After receiving three (3) parking citations, the person responsible for that vehicle is subject to the suspension of all parking privileges on campus. A meeting will be scheduled to determine future eligibility.

Parking Areas (please see parking map for more details)

  • The Keyhole area is reserved for special visitor parking only. No faculty, students, or staff are permitted to park in this area.
  • Resident student parking is allowed in the following lots and spaces: Greek Row, Upper Quad, Bowden-Magbee, Maintenance Drive, Conant Performing Arts Center, Turner Lynch Campus Center, and Traer and Dempsey parking areas.
  • Commuter student parking is limited to areas in the Cousins/Schmidt and Hearst/Goodman parking lots.
  • Faculty/staff parking is limited to the Schmidt/Dorough, Hearst, and library parking areas.
  • Reserved parking, including buses and large vehicles, will be assigned on a case by case basis with the assistance and direction of campus safety.
  • For fees associated with parking violations see www.permitsales.net/OU.

Please access a campus parking map at: https://safety.oglethorpe.edu/parking/ or https://oglethorpe.edu/about/maps/.

Vehicle Registration

Any member of the University faculty, student body or staff using University roadways or parking spaces at any time on campus property must register his/her/their vehicle with campus safety.

Faculty and staff will register vehicles annually between August 1 and the first day of classes in the fall semester. The availability of student parking permits will be announced prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters by way of email from campus safety.

  • An individual may register only a vehicle belonging to the registrant or a member of his/her/their immediate family. Proof of ownership may be any official document that identifies the owner of the vehicle, including title, bill of sale or license tax receipt. Requests for exceptions to this requirement may be granted under special circumstances.
  • Permit fees must be paid at the time of vehicle registration.
  • Proof of vehicle registration is a permit in the form of a decal provided to the registrant at the time of vehicle registration.
  • Official decals may be used on a vehicle other than the registered vehicle for three days provided the registrant informs campus safety of the decal’s use on a non-registered vehicle. The front of the decals must be completely visible at all times while on campus property.
  • Parking permits can be purchased at https://www.permitsales.net/OU.



All citations must be paid via the website https://www.permitsales.net/OU or in the business office. Please see the website for citation details.

Non-Parking violations are categorized under “reckless driving” and will be referred to the student conduct process or office of human resources.

Vehicle Immobilization Charges

In order to have the immobilization device (boot) removed from the offending vehicle, a $50.00 charge must be paid to campus safety prior to the removal of the immobilization device (boot). Students may pay this fee in the form of cash, check or debit card. Guests and visitors must pay the removal fee in the form of cash, credit or debit card in the business office located in Lupton Hall.


If a boot remains on an offending vehicle for more than 24 hours without payment of the removal fee, the vehicle will be towed prior to the beginning of the next business day.

The University reserves the right to immobilize, remove and impound vehicles on campus property:

  • Found in violation of parking regulation.
  • Without a current and valid parking decal.
  • Displaying an unauthorized, revoked or altered permit.
  • Parked in fire lanes, driveways, circular turnarounds, disability spaces, walkways or on lawns.
  • Blocking a dumpster.
  • Posing a health or safety hazard.
  • If notice has been made informing the owner that the vehicle will be removed.

Campus safety will have record of the removal of any vehicle and its location will be provided to the registered owner.

University Liability

The University assumes no liability by the granting of vehicle parking or operating privileges. The University assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of vehicles or contents while operated or parked on University property.

Visitor Parking

Temporary parking permits may be issued by campus safety to campus visitors, on a case-by-case basis, at no charge. The driver of the vehicle must ensure that the temporary parking permit is clearly displayed within their vehicle when they park on campus. The driver of the vehicle must provide their contact information, and present a current driver’s license and proof of insurance to obtain a temporary parking permit. The driver must also provide the name, campus address and telephone number of the person they are visiting on campus. Parking arrangements for visiting buses and large vehicles will be assigned on a case by case basis.

Appeals Procedures

Any individual receiving a parking or traffic citation may log on to the portal at https:// www.permitsales.net/OU to request a hearing on the citation, complete a citation appeal form or make a payment online.

The following reasons are not acceptable grounds for dismissing a parking or traffic citation:

  • Ignorance of regulations
  • Inability to find a legal parking space or no space available
  • Inclement weather
  • Late for class
  • Improperly displayed decal or failure to display decal
  • Failure to purchase a decal
  • Permit used by another person

Requests for a parking violation appeal must be made within five calendar days of the citation date to the office of campus life.

  • Student hearings will be held bi-weekly during fall and spring semesters. During the summer semester, student hearings will be held once a month. The appeals committee may make a decision based upon the written request with or without the presence of the alleged violator.
  • Faculty and staff hearings will be held each month that school is in session full time.
  • A person requesting a hearing may be present at his/her/their parking violation hearing and may present information as permitted by the director regarding the citation.
  • A diagram or other pertinent information describing details concerning the citation may be submitted to the office of campus life.
  • Tickets are considered pending during the parking violation hearing process.
  • The appeals committee will hear the matter and render a decision. They may find that a parking violation occurred and impose the appropriate penalty, or may find that no parking violation occurred and dismiss the citation, or may suspend half or all of the fine imposed as a result of a finding of fact in the hearing.

The ruling of the appeals committee may be appealed to the dean of students in writing within three calendar days from the decision. The decision from the dean of students is final.

All decisions are transmitted to the alleged violator at the email address supplied online and a formal letter.