5. Financial and Financial Aid Information

Enrollment services offices are located in the lower level of Lupton Hall. This area is responsible for assessing tuition and fees, for processing payments, and for administering financial assistance to students.

The University establishes a deadline for making payment arrangements for each academic term. By that date the student account balance not covered by financial aid must either be paid in full or completely covered by payment arrangements approved by the University. Students without complete payment arrangements after the deadline may be removed from classes, may lose their residence hall assignment, and may have late fees applied to their account. Payment arrangement deadlines are available on the website.

A student may be allowed to register for a subsequent academic term until all past due financial obligations are paid in full.  When a student account has an overdue balance, a HOLD is placed on the account.  In addition to suspending existing course pre-registration or preventing future registration, this HOLD status may also deny access to University services, including the production of requested transcripts or diplomas. Final payment due dates for past due balances are available on the website. Students on a payment plan or approved employer reimbursement plan are subject to the terms of their agreements.

It is the responsibility of the student to be informed of and to observe all regulations and procedures regarding tuition, room and board, fees, payments, refunds, and financial aid. In no case will a policy be waived or a variance granted because a student pleads unawareness of the policy or asserts that he/she/they was not informed of it by an advisor or other University authority or official. More detailed information can be found on the enrollment services website at https://hub.oglethorpe.edu/billing-payments/ Please consult Sec. 1.1. for a more comprehensive statement concerning student responsibilities.