9.34. Nonprofit Management

Programs offered through the Hammack School of Business (Sec. 4.1.3):

  • Minor in Nonprofit Management (TU)

Nonprofit organizations perform leadership for and service toward some of the most important work done in society today. Management of these organizations, however, requires special skills that a typical undergraduate program does not offer. This minor takes advantage of Oglethorpe’s location in one of the most dynamic cities in the southern United States and Oglethorpe’s diversity of courses to offer students not only classroom training but practical, hands-on training that will enable them to engage in professional development while also confronting real social needs.

In addition to the required course work and volunteer hours, students will have the unique opportunity to fully manage LAB Bridge, a nonprofit with a mission to bridge the liberal arts with business.

Minor in Nonprofit Management (TU)

  1. Completion of all of the following courses:
    • NPM 220 The Nonprofit Sector
    • NPM 265 Nonprofit Communications
    • NPM 290 Special Topics: Nonprofit Accounting
    • NPM 469 Seminar in Nonprofit Management
  2. Completion of one of the following courses:
    • BUS 240 Business Law I
    • BUS 290 Special Topics in Business Administration: Social Enterprise
    • ECO 320 Economic Development
    • NPM 290 Special Topics: Museum Studies
    • POL 490 Advanced Special Topics in Politics: Moral and Political Leadership
    • ULP 303 The New American City
    • UEP 320 Urban Ecology
  3. Completion of a minimum of 100 total hours of pre-approved volunteer work with nonprofit organizations or nonprofit divisions of for-profit companies. Please consult the chair of the division of economics and business administration in the Hammack School of Business for pre-approval.
  4. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • A grade of “C-” or better is required in all courses contributing to the minor.
    • No upper level courses taken in completion of the minor can be used towards any other major or minor offered within the division of economics and business administration in the Hammack School of Business.