International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme

With the goal of developing citizens of the world, Oglethorpe University recognizes and appreciates the intellectual rigors of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, its interdisciplinary nature, global perspective, and commitment to service. The alignment between courses like Theory of Knowledge and Oglethorpe’s Core Curriculum (see Sec. 7.) leads to a seamless integration into academic life at Oglethorpe. Because of this, four-year (meaning eight regular—fall and spring—semesters) renewable IB scholarships (Sec. 5.6.5.) as well as advanced standing (Sec. 6.19.1.) are awarded upon enrollment at Oglethorpe for earning an IB Diploma.

Hours will initially be awarded as general elective credits based upon the total IB diploma score (see IB Diploma Credit Chart below), with a score of 30 or higher earning the maximum credits allowable earned via credit-by-exam (32 semester hours). All, or a portion of, general elective credits may also be re-allocated for specific course credit and exemption based upon the IB Course Credit Chart. Should the amount of specific credit hours earned surpass the amount of general elective credits, the student will receive the greater amount, not to exceed 32 credit hours. Individual course credit may be given for a score of 5 or above (Standard Level or Higher Level). The IB Course Credit Chart is subject to update at any time. IB Diploma Credit Chart

Students who earn the IB Diploma will be awarded a minimum number of credits based on the score received on their IB Diploma as outlined here. The individual application of those credits is determined by the courses/examinations that were used to make-up the diploma. Those guidelines are listed on the IB Course Credit Chart:

IB Diploma ScoreOU Credit Hours Awarded
30 or higher32
248 IB Course Credit Chart

Students who have completed the following IB courses/examinations (Standard Level or Higher Level) with a score of 5 or higher as either part of their IB Diploma or individually without earning the IB Diploma will have specific course equivalent credit given as follows:

IB ExamOU Credit HoursCourse Equivalents
Studies in Language and Literature
Language A4Elective credit
Language B*4Elementary I (101) credit (French, German, Japanese, Latin, or Spanish*)
Individuals and Societies
Economics4Elective credit in economics
Geography4Elective credit
Global Politics4Elective credit in politics
History4Elective credit in history
Psychology4PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
Biology5GEN 102 Natural Science: Biological Science
Chemistry5CHM 101 General Chemistry InCHM 101L General Chemistry I Lab
Computer Science4CSC 201 Introduction to Programming
Physics6PHY 201 College Physics PHY 101L Intro Physics Lab I
Environmental Systems and Societies4Elective credit
Mathematics 4Elective credit
The Arts
Music4Elective credit in music
Visual Arts4Elective credit in art

*While every student will automatically receive 101 credit if they earn a score of 5 or higher on these Language B IB courses/exams, these students will also have the possibility of receiving four additional credits in 102 of the same language if their placement exam score qualifies them to enter 201 or beyond. If a student who receives a score of 5 or higher on one of these Language B IB courses/exams places into 101 or 102 (or does not take the approved placement exam), they will still receive credit for 101 only. Regardless of placement score, the maximum credit granted based on the IB course/score and placement for a student will be eight (8) credits for 101 and 102 in the appropriate language.