12.1.2. Campus Safety

Campus safety maintains a safe and secure environment for all members of the Oglethorpe community.

Staff members are committed to performing duties in a professional and diligent manner. To maintain peace and safety, officer patrols are active around the clock. Officers on patrol enforce the University’s rules and notify the Brookhaven police department or the appropriate legal entity about potential violations of the law. In addition, officers watch for suspicious activity and are trained on how to handle emergencies, provide aid, and supply relevant information when necessary.

Officers on patrol perform their duties either on foot or in a vehicle. During their shift, officers are responsible for all parking lots and buildings, and for supporting campus events and activities. Officers are responsible for securing buildings and areas of campus as well as granting and providing access to specified persons.

Safety at Oglethorpe is everybody’s responsibility. Faculty, students and staff work together to prevent crime and make our campus a safe and thriving environment for all. The following are provided, all of which bear on issues of safety and security:

  • Emergency notifications: Via the OU Alert (see Sec. 12.1.10.), the campus safety director will work with other staff to send notification when there is an immediate threat to community health and safety.
  • Timely Warning: The director of campus safety in conjunction with other staff issues timely warnings, these are campus notifications of a serious and continuing threat to the campus community.
  • Annual Security Report: The director of campus safety oversees annual reporting via the Annual Security Report which identifies the number of reported crimes identified by the Clery Act that are on campus, campus property or near campus.
  • Crime log: The director of campus safety maintains a daily crime log that includes entries for all crimes that occur within the geography of campus determined by the Clery Act and the campus safety staff’s regular patrol.
  • Missing Student: If a student who lives in on-campus student housing is determined to have been missing for 24 hours, the campus will be notified and an immediate search and investigation will commence by the director of campus safety, office of campus life and local authorities.

If there is an emergency, campus safety is available at (404) 504-1998. Emergency procedures are available on the campus safety website at safety.oglethorpe.edu.