5.6.3. OU Theatre Scholarships

OU Theatre Scholarships cover tuition unpaid by state scholarships and grants for a maximum of eight regular (fall and spring) semesters of undergraduate study in the TU program. Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to performing and must major in Theatre or English. Recipients are selected during the annual Scholarship Weekend competition for rising first-time, full-time freshmen held on campus in the winter of each year and are expected to perform two prepared monologues, participate in a seminar and write an essay based on the seminar discussion. This scholarship is renewable for a maximum of eight regular (fall and spring) semesters provided the recipient maintains a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.2 and completes a minimum of 12 semester hours each fall and spring semester. Continued dedication to theatre and to Oglethorpe’s professional theatre partners, The Horizon Theatre or The Alliance Theatre, is expected. Recipients of an OU Theatre Scholarship are required to live on campus (excluding Gables Brookhaven) while enrolled at Oglethorpe. For application procedures, deadlines and requirements, contact the office of admission.