6.16.1. Dropping and Adding Courses

Once a student registers for courses for a given session, he/she can modify his/her class schedule through the end of the drop/add period for that session. The final day of the drop/add period is clearly marked on the academic calendar for the session available at http://hub.oglethorpe.edu/registration-records/academic-calendars/.

A course which is “dropped” is removed from the student’s schedule. The deletion is permanent. The student’s record will not reflect in any fashion that the student was ever enrolled in a course which is dropped. Further, the dropped course has no impact on the student’s grade-point average or the semester hours attempted for the semester in question. There is no charge for a course which is dropped.

Dropping a course (without simultaneously adding one) has the potential for turning a full-time student into a part-time one; this can impact both the student’s financial obligations and financial aid situation.

A course which is “added” is, from that point forward, appended to the list of all other courses for which the student has registered for the semester in question. Courses which are added (and not subsequently dropped) will (like all courses for which the student registers) show up on the student’s transcript from that point forward, ultimately with some sort of grade attached.

Adding a course (without simultaneously dropping one) has the potential of creating an overload situation (see Sec. 6.10.3.), for which approval is required and for which there will be an additional charge.

The procedure for dropping and/or adding courses is very similar to the process of registration. Students who have been cleared for online registration should log on to OASIS and then select “Register and Drop Sections.” Students who have not been cleared for online registration (including all students who are entering Oglethorpe for the first time) should obtain and then fill out a drop/add form, which is available from the HUB. The completed form must be submitted to the HUB by the close of business on the last day of the drop/add period of that session.