14.3.6. Hearings Rules & Decorum

The Hearing Officer is charged with administering the hearing, deliberations, and the appeals process. The Hearing Officer has full discretion in the administration of all aspects outlined in Section 14.3.5 through Section 14.3.11, and wherever it may be necessary, in order to ensure a fair, orderly, and efficient process. The Hearing Officer does not vote or make any determination of responsibility.

Any attendee who wishes to speak during a hearing must first be recognized by the Hearing Officer.  Generally, Advisors are only permitted to speak during cross-examinations. The Complainant and Respondent are permitted to speak during opening and closing statements. No interruptions will be tolerated. The Hearing Officer may remove any individual who is speaking out of turn or becoming disruptive. All attendees are expected to be respectful in their tone and tenor throughout the hearing. The Hearing Officer will not permit raised voices or inappropriate language. Disruptive gestures or audible non-verbal noises are also prohibited when an attendee is not recognized to speak.

Brief breaks may be requested throughout the hearing by the Complaint, Respondent, or the Hearing Panel.