11.25. Disclaimer

In the event that any provision of the honor code is deemed to be in conflict with federal, state or local laws or regulations, all other portions of the code remain in force. The offending portion of the code is automatically not enforceable from such point forward, and the faculty will seek to modify the honor code so as to remove any such conflict as soon as possible thereafter.

The official version of the honor code is the one published in the online version of the Bulletin. Changes to the honor code will be made as expeditiously as possible to the online Bulletin, which then supersedes all other versions, including that found in any printed or other materials. Changes to the honor code will not “grandfather in” any subset of the Oglethorpe University population. Any modifications of the honor code automatically take effect at the start of the next academic year and, from that time forward, become enforceable upon the entire community, regardless of the nature of any previous Bulletin or honor code version which may exist.


The authors of this document gratefully acknowledge those who have crafted the honor code at Birmingham-Southern College. We have incorporated into our own honor code Birmingham-Southern’s overall vision as regards the two-tier system of Class I and Class II violations, as well as extensive portions of their extraordinarily well-thought-out policy on confidentiality and the bounds of confidence.