4.4.3. Transient

Transient applicants are individuals who are enrolled and pursuing a degree at another college or university, and who wish to take a very limited number of courses at Oglethorpe. Transient students may enroll for a maximum of 16 semester hours. Transient students are not eligible for financial assistance. Deadlines

For all start sessions, transient applications are considered on a rolling admission basis. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are completed, provided that sufficient time remains for processing and enrollment. Admission Consideration

Candidates for transient admission must be in academic good standing at their current college or university. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the current institution will accept coursework completed at Oglethorpe. Transient candidates must meet any prerequisites for the courses in which they seek to enroll. Application Requirements

A completed application for transient admission includes the following: Enrollment Policies

Transient students are eligible for course registration once degree-seeking Oglethorpe students have had an opportunity to register.

All entering students must fulfill the requirements of our immunization policy (see Sec. 6.5.). Instructions are available at https://health.oglethorpe.edu/immunizations/.