11.6. Faculty Responsibilities

Members of the faculty expect that students complete work honestly and act toward them in ways consistent with that expectation. Each faculty member will do whatever is necessary, in his/her own opinion, to ensure the integrity of our shared academic enterprise.

Particular faculty responsibilities beyond those already articulated include:


To make clear how the honor code applies in courses and to follow appropriate procedures.


To include in each syllabus both the definition of cheating found in 11.2.7. and a statement that all work in the course is subject to the terms of the honor code. Each syllabus should also explain the ways (and especially unusual or unique ways) in which the honor code is to operate in the course. The absence of the forgoing materials in syllabi in no way relieves students of their responsibilities under the code.


To explicitly explain the operation of the code relative to outside-of-class assignments, preferably in the written or published instructions for such assignments. Instructors will provide students with clear explanations of what does and does not constitute “authorized” aid in the context of assignments. Instructors should encourage students to confer with them in cases where the student may not understand how the honor code impacts a given assignment and in cases where the student may be confused about what the honor code requires of him/her/them.


To take reasonable steps to decrease the likelihood of academic fraud on the part of students in a course.


To implement sanctions and directives imposed by the honor council within five academic business days of notification.


To invite their students to discuss with them any of the instructor’s actions or policies that appear to be at variance with the ethos established by, and codified in, the honor code.


To submit to the honor council all reports of suspected academic fraud, even in cases where the student has admitted culpability.


To serve on the honor council when duly selected.


To testify truthfully before the honor council when duly summoned.


To keep University-sanctioned tutors (in the office of student success and elsewhere) apprised of the nature of outside-of-class assignments and how the honor code is to operate relative to such assignments, so that tutors are comfortable knowing the bounds of what they are permitted (and not permitted) to do. A written record of these transactions is strongly encouraged.