12.1.11. Petrel Pass

Each entering student is given a Petrel Pass, which is the official University identification for all students and employees.

Petrel Passes given students access to:

  • Philip Weltner Library resources
  • Student meal plan
  • Security access to certain locations on campus, including some residence halls
  • Discounts or free passes to sporting events
  • Access to account information and password resets at the IT services help desk
  • Numerous other student discounts not affiliated with Oglethorpe University

Replacement Petrel Passes can be obtained by emailing [email protected]. If the student has not previously received a Petrel Pass and is not on record, a proof of enrollment from the office of enrollment services is also required.

Use of another person’s Petrel Pass is prohibited and both the student loaning and the student using the pass fraudulently will be subject to conduct sanctions which may include loss of privileges.

Given the amount of access provided by the Petrel Pass, Oglethorpe suggests treating this card as if it is as sensitive as a credit card. It should also be given the same amount of protection against magnetic fields.