5.9. Financial Aid: Oglethorpe Annual Scholarships

Outstanding student achievement may be recognized by being named as recipient of an annual scholarship. Selections for these honorary designations are based on the criteria outlined below for each award. Except as noted, Oglethorpe annual scholarships are only available for full-time TU students.

  • The Assistance League of Atlanta Links to Education Scholarship: Funding is awarded to students with financial need, a grade-point average of 2.5 or higher, and who have demonstrated participation in community service, past and present. Citizens of the United States who are Georgia residents are eligible.
  • The Dr. Barbara R. Clark Book Award: Funding is provided annually for this award by Oglethorpe University alumna Dr. Karen J. Head ’98. The award is given to a non-traditional student or students with financial need, for the purpose of purchasing textbooks and is named in honor of Dr. Barbara R. Clark, professor emeritus. Preference will be given to students attending Oglethorpe full-time. The award can be renewed as long as the student remains in good academic standing with the University.
  • The Coca-Cola Oglethorpe Scholars Program: This program, funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation, the global philanthropic arm of the Coca-Cola Company, began in January 2013 and will provide 100 first generation college students with scholarships over four years.
  • First Families of Georgia (1733 to 1797) Annual Scholar: Funding is awarded to an academically superior senior majoring in history. First Families of Georgia is a society whose members are able to document their descent from early settlers of the State of Georgia.
  • The Mack A. Rikard Annual Scholar: Funds were established in 1990 by Mr. Mack A. Rikard, class of 1937 and a former trustee of the University. He received an honorary Doctor of Commerce degree from Oglethorpe in 1992. Funds are awarded to able and deserving students who meet certain criteria. The criteria are flexible, with consideration given to a number of factors including, without limitation: academic achievement, leadership skills, potential for success, evidence of propensity for hard work and a conscientious application of abilities. Recipients must be individuals born in the United States of America and are encouraged, at such time in their business or professional careers when financial circumstances permit, to provide from their own funds one or more additional scholarships to worthy Oglethorpe students.
  • The Vicky Weiss Scholarship: Funding was established on an annual basis in 2011 by former students, colleagues, and friends of Vicky Weiss in honor of her retirement from Oglethorpe as Professor of English and in recognition of her 35 years of service to the University and of her years of outstanding teaching.  Preference is given to an English or Theatre major.
  • The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholar: Grants have been made annually for a number of years to Christian women from the Southeastern states who are deserving and in need of financial assistance.
  • The Ruth Winecker ’87 and John Winecker ’85 Annual Scholarship: awarded annually to a student or students who are self-identified members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) community, or who have shown leadership in advocacy of LGBT issues on campus.
  • The Winestock Foundation Scholarship: Funding is provided by The Winestock Foundation of DeKalb County, Georgia. Scholarships are awarded to students with demonstrated financial need who are currently enrolled in good standing at Oglethorpe University as traditional day (TU), adult degree program (ADP), and/or financial planner program (FPP) students. Preference will be given to veterans of the United States armed forces.