6.18.1. For Courses Offered in Full Semester Sessions

No examination of any type may be given on the final day a class is scheduled to meet.

For all students (TU and ADP), final examinations, up to a maximum of three hours in length, are given in courses at the end of each semester. The final examination schedule is compiled in the registrar’s office and is available online.

The three hours allotted for the final exam in every course counts toward the class meeting time. Therefore, if an instructor opts to not give a final exam, the instructor may still meet with his/her/their class for the 3-hour period which otherwise would be devoted to the final exam.

Instructors are not permitted to alter the final exam schedule. If a final exam is to be offered for a given section of a particular course, it must be offered only on the day and at the time specified on the final exam schedule. However, see the exception for individual students in the next paragraph.

If a student feels that he/she/they has an intolerable or unfair final exam schedule (such as might happen when the student has three or more final exams scheduled on a given day), he/she/they may appeal to his/her/their instructors in the hopes that one of them would be willing to make special accommodations which would allow the student to take one of the final exams either a day (or more) early or a day (or more) late. Such an act is voluntary on the part of instructors. Such an act is also only in response to unusual circumstances which exist for individual students. Instructors cannot move final exam dates and times for course sections, only for individual students experiencing extraordinary circumstances. Instructors should inform their division chair if they arrange for any accommodations as described in this paragraph.

Instructors are required to grade all final exams they administer. They may not use others to help in the process.