5.16. Financial and Financial Aid Consequences of Dropping and Adding Courses, Withdrawing from Individual Courses, and Withdrawing from the University

Please consult Sec. 6.3. and Sec. 6.9. for registration policies, Sec. 6.10. for information on academic load, and Sec. 6.16. for a discussion of schedule modification, including dropping and adding courses and withdrawing from single courses. Withdrawal from the University is discussed in Sec. 6.24.2. The policies and procedures described in the entirety of Sec. 5.16. (below) pertain most directly to students whose entire schedule is comprised of courses that span the full timeframe of a traditional-length semester. Registration in any course or courses that do not span the entire timeframe of a semester, such as courses offered during sessions embedded within a semester and scheduled for periods of time less than the full extent of the semester, can lead to a variety of financial and financial aid outcomes upon dropping, adding and/or withdrawing from such individual courses. Related problems can arise when a student leaves the University before the conclusion of a semester, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Therefore, students who enroll in courses which do not span the entire timeframe of a semester are strongly advised to seek the counsel of personnel in the enrollment services area prior to adding, dropping and/or withdrawing from individual courses. Similar counsel is urged, when practicable, before students leave the University in the midst of a semester.