6.27. Receipt of Diplomas,Commencement and Special Academic Recognition

Diplomas are awarded at the close of the spring, summer and fall semesters to those who have submitted a degree application, paid their degree completion fee and satisfied all graduation requirements.

Commencement exercises are held once a year at the close of the spring semester in May. Students must have completed all graduation requirements in order to participate in commencement exercises. The only exception allowed is for a student who has completed all other graduation requirements except for a maximum of two courses totaling no more than 12 semester hours. Such students will be allowed to “walk” but will not receive their diploma until all graduation requirements have been satisfied.  All other students completing graduation requirements at the end of summer or fall participate in the following spring’s commencement exercises.

Students who are not in financial good standing with the University or who have any holds whatsoever on their account will not receive a diploma or a final transcript, even if they have otherwise satisfied all requirements for graduation.

A student’s final transcript and/or diploma may indicate Latin honors, a special recognition discussed in the section below.