3.6.1. University Communication Policy

The Oglethorpe University e-mail system is the University’s official mode of electronic communication to and among faculty, staff and students.

The University and its faculty, staff and students will use official Oglethorpe e-mail accounts (labeled [email protected]) to send University news, essential information, classroom communications and official notices. Such communications will not be sent to personal e-mail accounts.

Students are required to maintain current home addresses, local addresses, phone numbers, alternate non-Oglethorpe email address, and emergency contacts with the office of enrollment services. Please see Sec. 6.6.

In addition, both permanent home addresses and local addresses will be used for official written communications, and students are responsible for information mailed to these addresses of record. Such communications may include midterm and final grade reports, financial aid awards, library notices and student account statements.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that his/her/their information of record is correct and to make all changes to such information directly with the office of enrollment services.

Faculty or other staff offices may collect such student information for their own purposes, but this does not constitute official notification of changes. Students must go to the office of enrollment services to make official changes or corrections to their information of record in person.

Faculty and staff are required to maintain current home address, phone numbers, emergency contacts and beneficiaries on file with the office of human resources.