9.46. Urban Leadership (Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program)

Programs offered:

  • Minor in Urban Leadership (TU)

Oglethorpe’s Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program (RFULP) challenges students to develop their leadership ability throughout their college years and awards the minor in Urban Leadership. Students completing the minor are given special recognition at Commencement not only to honor the students’ accomplishments but also to pay tribute to the Rich Foundation and its late president, Joel Goldberg, for their generous support of the Urban Leadership program. Through a balance of academic courses, guest speakers, and various on- and off-campus experiences, it prepares graduates to meet the challenges of responsible citizenship in local, national and international communities. Students gain a broad understanding of leadership concepts, theories and applications and are encouraged to consider their education in light of the demands of leadership in their own lives as well as in their communities.

The RFULP takes full advantage of the extraordinary resources of the Atlanta metropolitan area. A major economic force in the Southeast, Atlanta is rich with exceptional learning opportunities in the realms of politics, business, the arts, information technology, entertainment and community service. Few selective universities are able to combine a rigorous liberal arts education with the resources and opportunities of a world-class city.

Students may apply to be a part of the program in the freshman, sophomore or junior year. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of commitment to leadership-related study, the desire for leadership understanding and application, extracurricular participation, academic record, civic engagement and service learning experiences.

Minor in Urban Leadership (TU)

  1. Completion of one of the following elective courses:
    • ULP 200 Independent Study in Urban Leadership
    • UPL 201 Introduction to Leadership
    • UPL 202 Women’s Political Leadership
  2. Completion of both of the following courses:
    • ULP 303 The New American City
    • ULP 304 Community Issues Forum: Principles into Practice
  3. Completion of an appropriate fourth course to serve as an elective, chosen from among the following:
    • NPM 220 The Nonprofit Sector
    • POL 490 Advanced Special Topics in Politics: Moral and Political Leadership
    • UEP 320 Urban Ecology
    • Other courses may apply. Pre-approval of the director of the RFULP is required.
  4. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • Students admitted to the RFULP must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher.
    • The choice of the elective in item 1. (above) must be made in consultation with the director of the RFULP and the academic advisor, both of whom must ultimately approve the selection in advance. Ideally, this elective course will be part of the student’s major or minor or in an area of vocational interest. The principal objective of the elective requirement is to look for intellectual or applied leadership in the student’s chosen field or profession.
    • Students must demonstrate leadership on- and off-campus by their participation in University, civic, faith-based, and/or community endeavors in Atlanta.
    • At the end of the senior year, students must complete a RFULP exit interview and assessment survey.