6.8.3. Credit by Transfer

Transfer credit is considered to be credit earned at a college or university other than Oglethorpe after a student has completed secondary school or the GED, but prior to the student’s first enrollment at Oglethorpe.

The maximum number of credits accepted from a 2-year college is 64 total.  There is no theoretical limit on the number of transfer credits from a 4-year college/university.  However, students must meet the university’s residency requirement (see Sec. 8.3.) and complete, at Oglethorpe, at least half the semester hours specifically mandated for each major, minor, concentration, certificate or other specifically declared academic program.

Oglethorpe University always accepts transfer credit under the following guidelines:

  • Course work must be taken at a regionally-accredited college or university.
  • Course work completed at an international university will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; students must have a recognized evaluation agency (some examples include AACRAO Office of International Education Services, Josef Silny & Associates, World Education Services, etc.) provide an evaluation of the foreign transcript to Oglethorpe University.
  • Course work completed as a part of a study away at an international university through an international partnership (bi-lateral exchange or international agreement) will be reviewed when a fully signed course approval form is submitted to Global Education prior to completion of the study away.
  • Course work must be college-level (generally numbered 100 or above) at the institution taken and must not be vocational in nature;
  • Grades of C- or higher only will be accepted for transfer credit. Any grades below C- will not be accepted as transfer credit;
  • Credits will be brought on to the Oglethorpe University record, but grades will not be used in determining a student’s Oglethorpe grade-point average;
  • Transfer credits based on a quarter system are converted to semester credit hours using the formula that one quarter-hour equals two-thirds of a semester credit hour. Fractional transfer credits will be credited. No more semester credit hours can be awarded at Oglethorpe than were given at the original institution.
  • No credit(s) will be posted until official transcripts with final grades are received by Oglethorpe University;
  • Course equivalencies will be determined by the enrollment services office in consultation with academic program faculty when necessary. If it is determined there is not an equivalent Oglethorpe course, elective credit will be awarded;
  • Transfer credits obtained under an existing articulation agreement are subject to separate guidelines; see below.
  • Courses recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) may be accepted for transfer credit. Included among ACE-recognized courses are those appearing on the AARTS (Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System). A maximum of 30 semester credit hours of ACE recognized credits can be accepted.