6.19.5. Earning Two Majors at Oglethorpe

Every student who earns a baccalaureate degree must earn a major. At Oglethorpe, a student may earn a second major, although the maximum number of majors allowed is two; see Sec. 1.4.10. A vital consideration in the following policies, both of which describe earning a second major, is that both majors must be earned at Oglethorpe. Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree (and therefore a first major) at another regionally accredited post- secondary institution and who are interested in earning a second major at Oglethorpe must follow the policy in Sec. 6.29. A second key consideration in the following two policies is that the two majors must both be affiliated with the same student admit status. That is, every student is either in the TU program or the ADP program at the time the first major is earned. Which program the student is in at this time defines the degrees (and therefore the majors) available to that student. See Sec. 8. and Sec. 9. for further details. In all cases the second major must be one which is available for the same admit status. Students cannot earn one major affiliated with the TU program and a second affiliated with the ADP program.