11.8.2. Selection of ADP Student Members

Each spring semester the dean and assistant director of student success and the honor council secretary will meet to select three faculty members who have routinely taught in ADP over the past year to join with them to form a six-member selection panel. The faculty members may be drawn from among both full- and part-time faculty, and will be chosen to maximize programmatic representation. The selection panel will develop a pool of 12 current ADP students for potential service on the honor council for the subsequent academic year. The names should be ranked in order of desirability. Members of the selection panel are permitted and encouraged to consult with faculty and staff members who are well acquainted with each applicant before developing this ranking. One by one and in order, the selection panel will then ensure that each nominee is qualified, willing and able to serve; this process continues until the top six qualified, willing and able candidates have been identified. These six persons will have been selected to the honor council for the subsequent academic year. The names of the next several selectees, in order, will be retained in the event that any of the original selectees is unable to complete his/her term of service.

The names of original pool members and their ordinal ranking will not be reported. Only the names of those selected will be divulged.

All student terms are for approximately 15 months (the following academic year plus the summer immediately following the student’s selection). Students who graduate at the end of a given spring semester may, if available, continue to serve on the honor council during the ensuing summer semester.