9.16. Education (Dual Degree with Mercer University)

Programs offered:

B.A. (TU), B.S. (TU), B.B.A. (ADP), or B.A.L.S. (ADP) in a Chosen Major from Oglethorpe University
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Mercer University

Through Oglethorpe University’s partnership with Mercer University, students can prepare for the K-12 teaching profession while finishing their degrees and college experiences at Oglethorpe.  The 4+1 Bridge Program allows students accelerated courses of study in undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered by Oglethorpe and Mercer in as little as five years.

After earning undergraduate degrees in the majors of their choice at Oglethorpe, students will choose an area of specialization in Mercer’s Master of Arts in Teaching programs in Early Childhood, Middle Grades, and Secondary Education. Students will also be eligible for initial teacher certification upon successful completion of the program.

Program Structure

Phase I: Beginning Study at Oglethorpe University

  • Prior to junior year at Oglethorpe and admission to the bridge program

Phase II: Advanced Study at Oglethorpe University and Mercer University

  • During Junior and/or Senior year at Oglethorpe and after admission to the bridge program
  • Begin undergraduate education courses and up to one graduate education course at Mercer

Phase III: Graduate Study at Mercer University

  • After completion of Oglethorpe undergraduate degree and admission to the bridge program

Oglethorpe University Requirements

  • Candidates must be classified as a Junior and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  • Eligible degree programs include: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Completed online, self-paced module “GACE Educator Ethics for Program Entry Assessment”
  • Complete a no-fee, streamlined application to the bridge program

Mercer University Requirements

  • For advanced study at Mercer (Phase II), candidates must successfully meet the above Oglethorpe University requirements and have the streamlined bridge program application approved by Mercer
  • For graduate study at Mercer (Phase III), candidates must successfully complete the above criteria, have the streamlined bridge program application approved by Mercer University, and have earned an appropriate undergraduate degree from Oglethorpe.

Dual Degree in Education/4+1 Bridge Program Interest and Eligibility Form.