6.24.4. Expulsion

Students can be expelled for particularly egregious violations of the honor code (see Sec. 11.18.4. and Sec. 11.18.6.) or the code of student conduct (see Sec. H of the code of student conduct, which can be found in Sec. 12.4. of this Bulletin).

An expulsion is a retroactive action. If a student is expelled, that expulsion is retroactive to the start of the semester during which the precipitating event occurred. The student is not permitted to finish the current semester, and will be removed from campus when the expulsion is enforced, and will remain absent from campus for the duration of the expulsion period. Expulsions are either for one year (with the ability to reapply) or permanent. Thus, if a student is expelled with ability to reapply after one year, then he/she/they will remain expelled for at least a one-year period beginning with the outset of the semester in which the expulsion occurred. A student who is permanently expelled may never return to campus. A student who is expelled will be assigned the grade of “W” (withdrew) for all courses in which the student was enrolled, except that the student will receive the grade of “F” in any course wherein the student committed an honor code violation which led to the expulsion.

Some of the financial and financial aid consequences of being subjected to expulsion are detailed in Sec. 5.19.