10.5.6. International Exchange Partnerships

Oglethorpe offers unique opportunities for students to study for one semester or academic year at a wide variety of partnership colleges and universities.  The current list of international exchange partners can be found at http://alab.oglethorpe.edu/global-education/study-abroad/. Tuition for these exchanges is paid to Oglethorpe at the current Oglethorpe rate. Other costs, such as lab fees, supply fees, room and board, etc. may be charged by some partner universities. The current fees assessed by each partnership institution may be available through the website of the partner institution.

Courses students take at partnership institutions are treated as courses taken in residence at Oglethorpe University for purposes of the residency requirement (see Sec. 8.3.). In addition, all students approved to earn credit for an academic program abroad (study or internship for credit) must complete the pre-departure orientation requirements to be outlined in their approval notification.