6.7.1. Advising for TU Students

All new TU students (both first-time freshmen as well as transfer students) will be assigned a faculty or student success advisor. The advisor is responsible for both curricular and co-curricular advising. Each advisor will work closely with their students to ensure the transition to Oglethorpe goes smoothly. Advisors will assist students with registering for classes and will monitor their academic progress, help identify learning opportunities, and connect students with the proper resources to allow for a successful transition to Oglethorpe. For students enrolled in first year seminars, the instructor will serve as their faculty mentor.

Students who declare multiple majors may be assigned multiple advisors, one in each of the student’s intended fields of study. For example, a student who chooses to double major may receive two major advisors, one in each disciplinary home. Students with more than one advisor should meet with and receive approval from each of their advisors before registering for courses each semester.

Advisor information is listed on a student’s record in multiple places in OASIS and in Navigate.