9.28. International Studies

Programs offered:

  • B.A. in International Studies (TU)

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that seeks to develop the skills and understanding essential for effective participation in the emerging global business, social and political environment. The major helps to prepare students for careers in government service, international commerce, banking and finance, the travel and convention businesses, politics and teaching. It also provides appropriate preparation for the professional study of business, law and international affairs. Students interested in master’s programs in international affairs may find it advantageous to take additional courses in economics. Interested students should ask the registrar to refer them to a faculty advisor who specializes in this major.

B.A. in International Studies (see Sec. 8.5.1. for a complete list of B.A. graduation requirements)

  1. Completion of all of the following courses:
    • ECO 323 International Economics
    • POL 111 International Relations
  2. Completion of seven of the following courses, worth at least 28 semester hours. At least three of the seven courses must be at the 300- or 400-level. Courses designated with an asterisk (*) may or may not satisfy this requirement, depending on the topic of the course. See item 5.c. (below) for further clarification on this point:
    • BUS 370 International Business
    • ECO 320 Economic Development
    • HIS 215 The Age of World War – Europe 1914-1945
    • HIS 240 Latin America to Independence
    • HIS 270 History of Diplomacy
    • HIS 290 Special Topics in History *
    • HIS 312 German History Since 1800
    • HIS 340 Dictatorship and Democracy in Latin America
    • HIS 400 Advanced Independent Study in History *
    • HIS 431 History of United States Foreign Relations
    • HIS 490 Advanced Special Topics in History *
    • INS 400 Advanced Independent Study in International Studies *
    • INS 495 Internship in International Studies
    • POL 131 Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • POL 211 War
    • POL 231 Asian Politics
    • POL 290 Special Topics in Politics *
    • POL 311 United States Foreign Policy
    • POL 321 Political Development
    • POL 331 Comparative Politics of China and Japan
    • POL 361 European Politics
    • POL 400 Advanced Independent Study in Politics *
    • POL 411 War, Peace and Security
    • POL 422 Seminar in Chinese Politics
    • POL 431 Seminar in Politics and Culture *
    • POL 490 Advanced Special Topics in Politics *
    • SPN 403 Political Issues in Latin-American Literature and Film
  3. Satisfactory completion of an approved study abroad experience; please see Sec. 10.3. for information about global education. The study abroad experience must be for at least one regular (either fall or spring) semester; during the time abroad the student must attempt a minimum of 12 semester hours. No more than two of the courses taken during the study abroad experience may be used in the satisfaction of item 2 (above). If a full regular (fall or spring) semester abroad is not feasible, students may receive pre-approval from the program coordinator of International Studies for an alternative way of satisfying this requirement. The program developed in this case must foster development of the student’s language proficiency, knowledge of international affairs and/or understanding a foreign culture or cultures. Foreign students may count their residence at Oglethorpe as their study-abroad experience.
  4. Language requirement:
    • Students of European languages must complete all language courses through the Intermediate level (meaning through the 200-level) if they are not exempted from them through placement examinations. Students of European languages must also complete at least one language course at the 300-level in which the foreign language is used extensively in conversation and written assignments.
    • Students of non-European languages must complete all language courses through the Intermediate level (meaning through the 200-level) if they are not exempted from them through placement examinations. Students of non-European languages should consult with the program coordinator of International Studies for further ways such students can improve their language proficiency.
  5. Additional requirements and things to note:
    • A grade of “C-” or better is required in all courses contributing to the major.
    • Students are cautioned that they are responsible for satisfying all prerequisites which may be associated with the courses used to satisfy major requirements.
    • Special topics and independent study courses (identified with an asterisk, *, in the list given in item 2, above) fulfill the requirements of the major only when they have a substantial international component. This implies that the course deals with the modern history, current situation or culture in a geographical area outside the United States or concerns some substantive issue that is international in scope, typically regarding economics or security. In all cases, departmental pre-approval is required in order for such courses to count toward the major.
    • Students who receive financial aid at Oglethorpe should contact the director of financial aid early in the pursuit of this major to determine available funding for the study abroad experience.
    • International Studies majors are required to aid academic assessment of the major by writing at least one substantial research paper during the senior year and then submitting this paper for review to the program coordinator for International Studies.