6.8.5. Credits Through ARCHE Cross Registration

Oglethorpe is one of more than twenty colleges and universities with membership in ARCHE (see Sec. 10.6.). Through the consortium, full-time, degree-seeking Oglethorpe students may enroll on a space-available basis in courses at any other member institution. The student need be admitted to the other institution and completes procedures, including payment of tuition, at Oglethorpe. ARCHE establishes minimum eligibility requirements for students to participate in the program, and host institutions have complete autonomy to approve registration requests. Deadlines to request ARCHE cross registration are established by ARCHE, and Oglethorpe will request completed forms prior to the ARCHE deadline to ensure all approvals and signatures have been obtained. ARCHE restricts the total number of credits any one student can obtain via cross registration.

Courses taken via ARCHE on a cross registration basis will count as courses taken in-residence for satisfaction of the residency requirement; see Sec. 8.3. The acceptance and application of ARCHE courses are governed by transfer/transient credit guidelines. As a result, only courses with grade of “C-“ or higher will be brought back in on a student’s record, and the grades earned in cross-registration courses will not impact a student’s Oglethorpe grade-point average.

Students should consult with enrollment services for questions about ARCHE cross-registration or visit the ARCHE website at http://www.atlantahighered.org.