6.9.3. The Registration Process

Students should register online via their OASIS account. If a student receives error messages while attempting to register online, this would indicate he/she/they is attempting to register for a course in which he/she/they has not met the approved prerequisites, co-requisites, or other course and/or section specific restrictions. The error message provided in OASIS will indicate the reason the student is not eligible for the course in question. For registrations that need manual intervention, online forms are available to facilitate these registration requests, or students can come in-person to the office of student success for guidance on how to proceed. Registration via OASIS occurs in real-time, so processing a registration request in that manner always provides students with the best opportunity to ensure enrollment in specific course sections based on availability. Students are encouraged to register as soon as they are eligible and to register well before the start of the semester. Late Registration

If a student registers for any course after the beginning of the session for the course, the registration is late. Registration is only allowed if there is space in a course section for a student. Late registration ends on the last day of the drop/add period as published in the academic calendar of the semester in question. After that point, no further registration is possible.