10.3.4. Financial Assistance for Study Abroad/Away

Students receiving institutional, federal, or state financial aid may be able to apply to the aid to the educational expenses for study abroad depending on the program type. Students must be in close contact with the director of financial aid early while exploring study-abroad program options to consider how institutional and federal/state aid may apply toward their study abroad.

A variety of external scholarships and grants exist to financially support students who study abroad for credit. Global Education promotes these opportunities to students who have a ViaTRM/Petrels Portal account. Students should consult with the director of financial aid, peruse the scholarship directory on the global education website, and review communication from Global Education about available opportunities, as well as conduct searches broadly. Deadlines for these scholarships can be as much as a year before a program begins, so students should begin their planning as early as possible. Students generally do not need to be accepted to a program to apply for external study abroad scholarships. Policy for a Second Semester of Study at University of Oxford, Oxford, England

If an Oglethorpe student elects to stay for a second semester at University of Oxford, the student will not receive any Oglethorpe University institutional aid or Hope match money to apply toward the cost of the program. The University will bill the student the cost of the semester abroad and will not charge the student the Oxford Study Fee.