14.3.2. Investigation

Title IX Coordinator will assign an Investigator to the case and share the Investigator’s name and contact information with the Complainant and the Respondent. The complaint and any other relevant information will be forwarded to the Investigator. The Investigator will promptly begin the investigation after the Parties are noticed. The investigation will be adequate, reliable, impartial, and prompt, and include an equal opportunity for both Parties to present witnesses, including fact and expert witnesses, and other inculpatory and exculpatory evidence.

The investigation may involve conducting interviews with the Complainant, the Respondent, and Witnesses; collecting and preserving relevant evidence (in cases of corresponding criminal complaints, this step may be coordinated with law enforcement agencies); reviewing law enforcement investigation documents; reviewing student and personnel files; or other appropriate steps taken in an investigation. The burden of proof and the burden of gathering evidence sufficient to reach a determination regarding responsibility rest on the University. However, the University does not have subpoena power, or the ability to compel most Parties or Witnesses to participate.

The Complainant and the Respondent will receive written notice in advance of any interview and be provided sufficient time to prepare for meaningful participation (and/or to reschedule within one week). All Parties and witnesses are expected to cooperate with the investigation. Failure to attend, failure to reschedule meetings, or undue delay may result in proceeding without participation and waiver of certain rights under Title IX, including the opportunity to present Witnesses and evidence.

Throughout the investigation, the Complainant and Respondent may be provided periodic status updates where appropriate. During the investigation, all Parties will be treated equitably. All investigations will be kept as confidential as possible, and any information gathered during the investigation is disclosed only on a “need to know” basis.