6.3.1. New TU Students Entering in the Fall MAP Days

The Division of Student Affairs, in conjunction with the office of admission and the provost, schedules and coordinates MAP Days each summer. All new students who intend to enter during the ensuing fall semester are expected to attend one of these sessions. Prior to MAP Days, students will be encouraged to take the mathematics placement test (Sec. 6.4.1. through Sec. 6.4.3.) and the language placement test (Sec. 6.4.4.), as necessary, so that the office of student success may craft first semester schedules guided by student major and academic interests identified through the completion of the online course preference form and based on course availability.

Entering degree-seeking international students who are unable to attend any MAP Days session will receive support from Global Education and Student Success to ensure an effective transition to Oglethorpe.

For international exchange students, Global Education arranges advising and course registration.

For non-international students who are unable to attend any MAP Days session, arrangements are made by other means to ensure an effective transition to Oglethorpe. Orientation and Welcome Week

All new Oglethorpe students must attend scheduled orientation and are strongly encouraged to attend welcome week activities. All students matriculating will pay an orientation fee, (see Sec. 5.1.3.), which helps pay for various activities and events held during orientation.