10.5. Service Learning

Service learning courses, designated by “SL” in the course listings, are those for which professors choose to employ the pedagogy of service learning to support the achievement of their learning objectives. In such courses, service to the community (usually through partnerships with local non-profit organizations) is integrated into the syllabus, providing students with additional perspectives for use in conceptualizing  theoretical material as well as an opportunity to appreciate the application of disciplinary concepts beyond the classroom. Service learning activities vary widely in scope but are customized specifically to compliment the goals of each service learning course. Deliberately incorporated reflective assignments, such as journals and discussions, are used throughout each service learning class to reinforce the link between theory and practice. Such courses typically include a minimum amount of service over the course of a traditional semester: either 10 hours for an “SL” class or 25 hours for an “SL-X” class.